Intro to the Core Handbook and contributing to WordPress Core

Tom Harrigan

First Steps

First, we need to download VVV.

It will probably still be installing by the time this talk is finished.

Also, download and install Vagrant and VirtualBox. These are pre-requisites.

Step 2

Open terminal and ‘cd’ into the VVV directory.

Enter the ‘vagrant up’ command. Installation begins.

Sit back, let it install for a while, and listen to me.

And then...

For core development, use the wordpress-develop install.

CD into the wordpress-develop directory, it already contains an SVN repository. Run ‘svn up’ to make sure you have the latest commits.

If you get an error with SVN, you probably need to update or install SVN. Follow the steps here.

You're now ready to develop

But where do you want to spend your time and effort?

Check out the Core Handbook as a first step

And join the WordPress Slack


50 channels to get involved in

Core Handbook: Trac keywords

Keyword glossary


Good first bug

More Trac

Easy wins:




After making a change, create a patch file.

To create a patch file click me


And videos